Shelter Information

Safe Space Winter Shelter provides 50-60 emergency shelter overnight beds at rotating host churches from December to March. All genders are welcome, couples stay together whenever possible, a limited number of pets are allowed, sobriety is not required, and no ID is required for entry. We are a first-come, first-serve shelter but we reserve the right to prioritize those with extreme vulnerability, putting them at too great a risk outside.

To reserve a shelter bed, please come to intake at 5:30PM to sign up. Be prepared to store all personal belongings overnight except for necessities (phone, medication, book, etc) that can fit into a gallon size clear plastic bag. We are currently unable to accommodate bikes, bike trailers or carts at the shelter locations. Please find other arrangements for these items.

We operate on a code of conduct:

Guests agree to arrive at intake between 5:30-6:30 each night they want a shelter bed We almost always have a wait list, arriving late can result in loss of bed to make room for someone else in need.

Guests agree to use Safe Space provided transportation to and from shelter, every time. SSWS provides evening bus service to shelter from intake and morning bus service to the Jesus Center from shelter.

Guests agree to respect themselves, others, volunteers, and church property We do our best to create an environment that promotes safety, dignity and belonging. As a guest please contribute positively to those around you and treat the host church property with respect.

Safe Space Winter Shelter is a ZERO-TOLERANCE zone for violence. This includes verbal and physical violence, and harassment based on age, race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity.

Safe Space Winter Shelter is a ZERO-TOLERANCE zone for alcohol, drugs and weapons. Any of these items must be placed in ‘belongings bags’ at intake and not taken into the shelter. Guests will receive these items back in the morning.

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INTAKE CENTER: 1301 Broadway, Chico

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